About Company

About Company

We offer a wide variety of diagnostics we distribute to hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. 90 % of pharmacies in Slovakia are our customers.

At present we offer the ovulation and pregnancy tests, the tests for drug presence, the tests for presence of blood in faeces, alcohol tests, condoms etc.

Our offer contains also the cosmetic range: MiraClean®, Mirachin.

The tests are designed for rapid and reliable diagnostics in home environment. All products meet EH criteria, they are reliable, rapid and safe.

CLEARSKIN II., s.r.o. company acts on the Slovak market since 1996. During the last years we established the position of a quality and fair distributor of the tests under RapiPreg® trademark.

Since 2005 we come into the market under our own trademark – RapiClear®. This trademark represents quality and reliability.

Thanks to the correct cooperation with our customers our company worked up the stable position between the distributing companies on the market and belongs between the leading suppliers of the diagnostic reagents.