How accurate is RapiClear® CLASSIC?

The laboratory tests show that RapiClear® CLASSIC is accurate for more than 99 % at a correct test procedure.

How RapiClear® CLASSIC works?

RapiClear® CLASSIC detects a presence of hCG hormone (human chorion-gonadotropine) in urine. This hormone is produced in human body during pregnancy only. RapiClear® CLASSIC can detect a presence of hCG in urine during the first days after fertilization depending on the level of the pregnancy hormone in urine.

When it is possible to perform the test?

For testing via RapiClear® CLASSIC you can use urine from any hour during a day. Notwithstanding that the morning urine contains the highest level of mentioned hormone, RapiClear® CLASSIC test is sufficiently sensitive for performing the test during the whole day.

What time takes the result reading after performing of the test?

Positive result (two bands) can appear within 2-3 minutes. The results should not be interpreted sooner than the band appears in the oval control window under the letter C.

What if I think that the test result is incorrect?

If the band in the control window is hardly visible, repeat the test with using of a new RapiClear® CLASSIC test after 2-3 days. Adhere rigorously to usage manual. The test result can be incorrect if you gave birth during the previous 8 weeks. The test can detect hCG hormone presence from the previous pregnancy. If you were pregnant recently, you should request advice from your physician at interpreting of RapiClear® CLASSIC test results.

What shall I do in the case the pink band in the oval control window under the letter T is lighter than the band under C or vice versa?

If 2 bands appear, the result is positive regardless of the different shades of pink color.

Can be the test result affected by drugs or treatment conditions?

RapiClear® CLASSIC is the test developed specially for detection of hDG hormone in urine sample. The drugs containing hCG can affect the results unexpectedly. Between the factors that should not affect the test results belong alcohol, analgesics (painkillers), antibiotics, BCP (birth control pills) or hormonal treatments containing clomiphene citrate (e.g. Clomid or Serophen). Between the factors that can affect the test results belong the certain drugs containing hCG or used in combination with hCG (e.g. Pregnyl, Profasi, Pergonal, APL). In the case that you repeat the test and the result is unexpectable again, contact your physician.

What shall I do in the case the result is negative (I am not pregnant)?

If the result is negative, that means the presence of hCG hormone was not detected, you are probably not pregnant. But there can be a situation that hCG hormone level in your body is not sufficiently high. Therefore repeat the test after 2-3 days. If the result is still negative and you do not have menstruation, visit your physician.

How long is the result valid?

You should not interpret the result after 10 minutes.

What shall I do in the case the result is positive (I am pregnant)?

If the result is positive, you should visit your physician to negotiate your pregnancy and other steps. The timely prenatal care is important to ensure your health and the health of your child.

Where can I purchase RapiClear® CLASSIC?

You can purchase RapiClear® CLASSIC in pharmacy without prescription.

How long the used drug occurs in urine?

Drugs can be detected in the urine sample within 2-3 days since last using of drug.