General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of CLEARSKIN II., s.r.o. company

Ordering via Internet

Sales Contract, through which the Vendor – CLEARSKIN II., s.r.o. , Antona Bernoláka 51, 010 01 Žilina, Company ID: 36383848, realizes the sale of the good to the Buyer, is created on the basis of binding order confirmation. E-mail confirmation realized after previous sending of an electronic order is considered as a binding order confirmation. The Buyer can find the description and price of the product in our offer available at

Non-confirmation of an order

The Vendor reserves the right for non-confirmation of the order or its part in the following cases:

* order can not be obligatorily confirmed (incorrect data: e-mail address, personal data)

* a product is not supplied already, an ordered product is not in the offer. In the case of that situation, the Vendor will contact the Buyer immediately to negotiate the next procedure.

Order cancellation from the Buyer’s side.

The Buyer is entitled to cancel an order without giving a reason anytime before the binding order confirmation. The Buyer is entitled to cancel an order after the binding order confirmation only in the case that the Vendor will not meet the agreed delivery terms. In the case of cancellation or rejection of the confirmed order the Buyer is obligated to compensate the Vendor for the damages arisen by his acting. The Vendor will set up a claim for damage compensation especially in the case of purchasing of the goods he had to procure on the basis of an individual order according to § 12, Section 5 of Act No. 108/2000 Coll., as amended, or in the case of the demonstrable costs arisen with respect to procuring of the goods. The cancellation fee can be invoiced up to the amount of the total price of the goods.

Consumer’s advice and information about the conditions and procedures at setting up a right for a contract withdrawal

The Buyer who do not purchase the goods within his business activities (e.g.: for the purpose of resale) is entitled to withdrawal from a contract in accordance with the valid legal provisions within 7 working days since taking over of the goods. Whereas a contract is cancelled, returned in the case of withdrawal, the Vendor will compensate the Buyer and the Buyer will compensate the Vendor for all the mutually accepted performances. The Buyer can withdraw from a contract by giving a notice to the Vendor in writing and returning of the goods. At withdrawal it is necessary to introduce the order number, variable symbol, date of purchase and to submit the original proof of purchase. If the good were delivered and taken over by the Buyer, the Buyer will return the goods to the Vendor. For single-use products the Buyer can not set up his right for a withdrawal from a contract after using of the products, as the products can not be returned with respect to their properties. In the case of withdrawal from the contract the Vendor is obliged to return to the Buyer the purchase price already paid or its part within 15 days since a withdrawal from a contract. Un the case that the returned goods were damaged by the Buyer, the Vendor reserves the right to set up a claim for a settlement of arisen loss. If a delivered product fully complies with the quality requirements and is not defective, the Buyer bears all the costs for returning of the goods. The goods collected on delivery will not be accepted.

Personal Data Protection

If the Buyer is a physical entity – subject, at registration he enters the following data: first name and surname, complete mailing address, e-mail, phone number. That information is necessary for identification of the Buyer and a possible communication. If the Buyer is a physical entity or a corporate entity – entrepreneur, at registration he enters also the following data: company trade name, company ID, VAT registration number. Those data allow performing of the necessary accounting operations, to create an invoice usually required by the both parties; and possible identification of the Buyer’s payment via bank transfer. The Vendor protects the Buyer’s private data against abusing. That information is collected to improve the Vendor’s services and is not submitted to the third parties without a previous consent of the Buyer. By using of the e-shop the Buyer agrees with collection and using of information about him and his purchases according to the above mentioned rules.

Delivery Conditions

The deliveries of the ordered goods are realized in the shortest term possible – within 2 working days since the order confirmation (in the case that the goods are ordered during the day off (Saturday) or Sunday and/or public holiday, this term is moved from the first following working day), at the latest, according to availability of the product and the operational possibilities of the Vendor up to 30 days, if the other term is not negotiated individually and the Buyer will be noticed about those facts within the meaning of § 13 of the Act No. 108/2000 coll., as amended.

Location of the goods take off

Location of the goods take off is determined by the Buyer’s order. A delivery of the subject matter to a determined location is considered for fulfillment of a delivery. A transport to a determined address is ensured by the Vendor. A consignment always contains the invoice, user manual and information in writing according to § 10, Section 3 and Section 4 od the Act No. 108/2000 Coll., as amended.

Offer of the products

Offer of the products is not limited by time, except it is determined otherwise.

Costs for a delivery of the goods and terms of payment

The payment can be realized in cash to a transporting company or by cash on delivery, or by bank transfer order (if the payment is realized as a cashless, we will send off the goods after a payment reception). We ensure the goods distribution for the whole area of Slovak Republic. The transport costs are differentiated according to a selected transport method (you can select a particular delivery method in the section “Basket”) according to the weight and dimensions of the ordered goods. The transport price is not a part of an order confirmation.

Transport price:

  • letter by post – 2.52 €
  • package by post – 3.83 €
  • Slovak parcel service s.r.o. (UPS) – 3.54 €

The above mentioned prices are invoiced taking into account the fact that if some orders can not be delivered in one package, it will be necessary to deliver them divided to couple of smaller packages invoiced according to above stated price-list.

Warranty Information

The products being sold by our company are marked by minimum expiration date. According to the provisions of Civil Code, if the product being sold is marked on the package or manual by expiration period, a warranty period does not end before expiring of that term. After expiring of that period the right from liability for defects ceases, if it was not claimed during a warranty period.


If a defect obstructing the usage occurs on the product being sold by CLEARSKIN II., s.r.o. during a warranty time, the Buyer is entitled for filing a claim. The claim must be sent to the Vendor to the address – CLEARSKIN II., s.r.o. , Nám. Ľ. Štúra 1, 010 01 Žilina and it will be settled within the meaning of Civil Code provisions and Truth-in-Lending Act provisions.

Supervisory Body

Slovenská obchodná inšpekcia (Slovak Trade Inspection), Prievozská 32, Bratislava supervises the observance of the Act No. 22/2004 Coll. on Electronic Commerce, as amended.